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Tom, Heather and the CBP family have provided our company with the highest level of service in our 20 plus years of working with them. As our company has grown and changed, CBP has met our diverse needs and supported us through many challenges, allowing us to provide our employees with competitive and comprehensive benefits. They are responsive, thorough, caring and, most importantly, they meet our business needs in the management of our employee benefits. CBP’s assistance to our staff throughout the years demonstrates their dedication and passion for what they do.

So Young Lee
Director of HR, Center for Urban Community Services


I have worked with both Tom Richman and Heather Best of Creative Benefits Plans for the past 20+ years.  Their knowledge regarding their industry is unsurpassed. Several years ago, we went thru a company change and they were right there to assist with getting everything and everyone changed over without any issues or interruptions with the coverages they handle for us.  They go above and beyond to answer any questions you may have, and they make sure they do their due diligence and get you an answer in a timely fashion.  It is a pleasure working with them, and due to their knowledge, it makes my job so much easier too.

Mary Ellen Cardillo
Manager Administration & Accounting of BLC Textiles

Creative Benefit plans has been a game changer for us, we have been working with them since our early startup days. They have enabled us to build – over time – a solid portfolio of employee benefits, and they are taking a leading role in managing and supporting this area of our operations.  We value their attention to detail and responsiveness. At times we have gotten a second opinion or explored other vendors – but in the end, what CB plans had to offer always turned out to be superior.

Emanuel Ruffler
Managing Director

We are a small company and due to that fact, we are not used to or expect personal attention. Our contacts return our call and emails in a few days, and we accept it because we did not expect anything better. That was before we signed up with Heather at Creative Benefit Plans. The transition from our legacy system to Creative Benefit Plans was quick and seamless. Heather was instrumental in making the transition go as smooth as possible. Our employees are extremely happy with the level of service we receive. Heather always answers our questions promptly. She is very proactive in informing us of changes in rules and regulations that may have an impact on employee benefits. She would shoot us an email just to see if we need anything. We are extremely happy we made the switch to Creative Benefit Plans.

Electrotech’s HR team.


We are always looking for companies to work with that can provide us with an “old school” quality of service. We definitely found that with CBP!  I truly appreciate and value the personalized service, expedient response time and business guidance that Heather always provides me with.

While understanding the complexity of the insurance world isn’t in my wheelhouse, knowing that Heather is a phone call or email away is very reassuring. I always know that she’s going to guide us to do what’s best for our employees and business as a whole.

CBP is a pleasure to work with.

Monica Nydick
Waters & Sims Employment Services, Inc.



We have worked closely with Heather Best of Creative Benefits Plans for many years. Throughout that time, our staff has changed, and our non-profit organization has grown.  CBP has reliably provided our company with outstanding service, quickly responding to our needs and questions, and always keeping us up to date on changes occurring in the benefits industry.  They care about their clients, consistently going out of their way to provide services in a professional, friendly, and supportive manner.  It’s always been an absolute pleasure working with CBP and I thank them often for making my job easier due to their extensive knowledge of the benefits world!

Laurie Puca,
Director of Operations for CANDLE, Inc.